Natural Relief: How CBD may be Effective in Tattoo Aftercare

Natural Relief: How CBD may be Effective in Tattoo Aftercare

Nov 21st 2019

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting your first sleeve or you’re a regular at your local parlor, getting inked will always hurt.

It hurts even more when you get one on your ribs, stomach, and shins. This is because tattooing involves piercing the skin repeatedly to stick tiny amounts of pigment in it. Modern inking equipment can make up to 3,000 punctures per minute. This action causes the body’s immune cells, called “macrophages,” to rush to the wound and combine with the ink, making it last for a lifetime on the skin.

A tattoo is a permanent and artistic way of expressing yourself, but it’s also a scar that may take about four to six weeks to heal. Apart from the pain and irritation, new tattoos may also be vulnerable to infections. It’s common for some people to develop swelling and inflammation from their new ink.

Apart from over-the-counter medications, people are looking to cannabidiol or CBD to help manage their tattoo pains and keep inflammation at bay. But how effective is it?

Pain Management

A 2018 study from the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal found that almost 62% of CBD users use the compound to treat illness. Pain was one of the top three conditions that CBD was often used for, along with anxiety and depression. The compound, when ingested, may interact with the brain’s pain receptors to ease the stinging or aching a person feels. As such, using a CBD herbal salve on the skin surrounding your tattoos may help relieve irritation. And instead of downing a shot of scotch, a drop of CBD tincture may do the trick if you want to calm your nerves during your inking session.

A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

CBD is widely accepted as an effective treatment for inflammation. This is because of the many clinical trials that suggest its potency in lowering arthritis or joint inflammation. One study, published in the Pain Journal in 2017, observed the effect of CBD on knee joint inflammation in rats. The researchers injected CBD into the joint of one group and saline (a mixture of salt and water) on another. They found that those who received CBD had less inflammation and exhibited fewer behaviors related to pain compared to the rats who were injected with saline.

Massaging CBD into the affected area may also be effective. If your tattoo is starting to swell or itch, sanitizing it with soap and water and rubbing some CBD oil or salve on it may help reduce its effects.

A tattoo is a great way to express yourself. However, it involves piercing hundreds or even thousands of wounds into your skin. It’s important to keep infection and pain at bay when you get inked. CBD products like salves, tinctures, and oils may help in easing the sting and inflammation you may experience after getting inked. With the right dosage, you’ll be comfortable in your own skin again.

Get Quality CBD Salves

When choosing a CBD salve for your tattoo treatment, you should only trust products that provide pain relief without the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Our offerings here at The Helping Friendly Salve are tested to have little to no THC. Apart from pure and potent hemp oil, we infuse our salves with Arnica and other essential oils to help soothe muscle, joint, and skin problems.

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